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How to play?

It's very simple!

In the game, you will complete Quests: they are series of Enigmas to solve.

Here's an example of a simple Enigma, to familiarize yourself with the gameplay:

Try to resolve what is on this parchment.

Enter your answer in this bar:
(Try as many times as you need, until you get the right answer.)

In the game, you would be redirected to the next Enigma ... until you finish a Quest!


Find the answer to new puzzles before everyone else.

The first ones will have the biggest rewards!


Play as a team to advance further and faster.

Progress to each new Event.


Collect tons of Artefacts by solving puzzles.

Will you succeed to have them all?


New Event! Win the new Artefact Ultra-Rare !

End in days 
: :

The Reliquary of St. Mary
The Reliquary of St. Mary