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How to play?

It's very simple!

In the game, you will complete Quests: they are series of Enigmas to solve.

Here's an example of a simple Enigma, to familiarize yourself with the gameplay:

Try to resolve what is on this parchment.

Enter your answer in this bar:
(Try as many times as you need, until you get the right answer.)

In the game, you would be redirected to the next Enigma ... until you finish a Quest!


Find the answer to new puzzles before everyone else.

The first ones will have the biggest rewards!


Play as a team to advance further and faster.

Progress to each new Event.


Collect tons of Artefacts by solving puzzles.

Will you succeed to have them all?


Win the new Artefact Ultra-Rare !

End in days 
: :

Star ultra-rare The Pendant of Maʻilikākahi
The Pendant of Maʻilikākahi