How to play?

It's very simple!

You must find treasures before other players, thanks to scrolls.

Each scroll is an enigma.

Here, it's about finding the name of a small island west of Puerto Rico. It exists in real life!

As often in Quest Islands, you will do research on the web.

Fortunately, you will have clues.

In this example, your answer will be the 4 letters of the name of the island.

Type the 4 letters here:
(Try as many times as you need, until you get the right answer)

In the game, you would be redirected to the next scroll ... until you find the treasure!


Find the answer to new puzzles before everyone else.

The first ones will have the biggest rewards!


Play as a team to advance further and faster.

Progress to each new Event.


Collect tons of Artefacts before the others.

Will you be the first to have them all?


Solve the last Quest to find the new Rare Artefact!
The English pearly guitar
The English pearly guitar