Warning to Minors

Are you a minor? So read this carefully.

To use the Game, create an Account, make purchases, write messages, or whatever you do on the Website, you agree to abide by several rules that are always recalled at the bottom of each page of the Website (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, but also the General Conditions of Sale that concern you if you make purchases). Do not hesitate to consult regularly to have them in mind! For you, a very important rule is that your parents or your legal guardians agree that you frequent the Website, and, if necessary, that you make purchases on the Website. They also read the rules in force. In addition, if you want to make a purchase on the Website, we will always remind you before each sale that you must have obtained the authorization of your parents or legal guardians! They are responsible for your actions, and you, you must not act on this Website without their prior authorization.

This is very important, because to the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim any liability in connection with your activities on the Website if you have not obtained the consent of your parents or your legal representatives. You really need you, your parents or legal guardians to understand this! Moreover, several passages are addressed directly to your parents or legal guardians in our Terms of Use and General Conditions of Sale. We presume that you have their permission and that they have understood their commitments.

Be careful also to your personal data (your name, your e-mail address, your password in particular, but also all information that allows anyone to know things about you)! We strongly advise you not to disclose them on the Website without discussing them with your parents or legal guardians. Ask for their help to make sure you understand our Privacy Policy.