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Update: June 5, 2019


Billy Games (hereinafter "Billy Games" or "We" ("Us", "Our")), is a company domiciled in Mansarde Rancée Nord - 97240 Le François - FRANCE . It is registered at the trade and corporate register of Fort-de-France under the number (en cours d'immatriculation) and is validly represented by Mr. Arnaut Billy as its Manager. VAT not applicable (i.e. not subject to VAT), article 293B of the French General Tax Code (CGI).

Billy Games is a company that creates and publishes Internet browser games, including its game "Quest Islands" (hereinafter "Quest Islands" or the "Game") and virtual digital content (hereinafter "Digital Content-s") that compose it. The Game is only available on the website "" (hereinafter the "Website") published by Billy Games, it is intended solely for users having the status of non-commercial individuals (hereinafter "User-s" or "You" ("Your")).

Warning to Minors

Are you a minor? So read this carefully.

To use the Game, create an Account, make purchases, write messages, or whatever you do on the Website, you agree to abide by several rules that are always recalled at the bottom of each page of the Website (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, but also the General Conditions of Sale that concern you if you make purchases). Do not hesitate to consult regularly to have them in mind! For you, a very important rule is that your parents or your legal guardians agree that you frequent the Website, and, if necessary, that you make purchases on the Website. They also read the rules in force. In addition, if you want to make a purchase on the Website, we will always remind you before each sale that you must have obtained the authorization of your parents or legal guardians! They are responsible for your actions, and you, you must not act on this Website without their prior authorization.

This is very important, because to the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim any liability in connection with your activities on the Website if you have not obtained the consent of your parents or your legal representatives. You really need you, your parents or legal guardians to understand this! Moreover, several passages are addressed directly to your parents or legal guardians in our Terms of Use and General Conditions of Sale. We presume that you have their permission and that they have understood their commitments.

Be careful also to your personal data (your name, your e-mail address, your password in particular, but also all information that allows anyone to know things about you)! We strongly advise you not to disclose them on the Website without discussing them with your parents or legal guardians. Ask for their help to make sure you understand our Privacy Policy.

Article No. 1 - Purpose

The purpose of this Privacy Policy Statement is to inform You of terms and procedures for the collection, processing and use of Your personal data by Billy Games, and also to inform You of Your data-protection rights and obligations when using the Website.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of Our Terms of Use, accessible at any time at this address:

By accessing or using the Website, You acknowledge that You are conversant with the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement and You expressly consent to them.

Article No. 2 - Collection and use of personal data

On the Website, Your "personal data" is any and all information that identifies You directly or indirectly, through the use of a numeric or alphanumeric identifier, or any other element likely to uniquely identify You.

No personal information is required to use the Game with an account (hereinafter the "Account") automatically assigned, nor to visit any part of the Website that is not subject to authentication. In both cases, only the automatic detection of Your IP address will be used to try to display the hours on the Website in a format corresponding to Your time zone. The history of Your IP addresses will be kept on Our servers within certain limits (cf. Article No. 9).

A username, password and e-mail address are required when You choose to secure Your Account. These data are stored on Our servers, and You can modify them by Yourself at any time (cf. Article No. 9), once Your e-mail address is validated. Once Your Account has been secured, and when You have authenticated Yourself on the Website using Your identifiers, We may collect other personal data in the event that You visit the page Your country of residence and the currency You wish to use for Your purchases on the Website. With a secure Account, You can edit this data at any time by Yourself (cf. Article No. 9). Here is a non-exhaustive list of uses that We can make of Your data:

  • management of Your Account on the Website and securing access to it;
  • protection of Your Account and Your personal spaces on the Website;
  • purchase procedure and management of Your Gems purchases;
  • unlocking features as You progress through the Game;
  • technical support (in particular the answer to Your questions and the follow-up of the report of bugs);
  • commercial canvassing and customer relationship (loyalty, prospecting, claims);
  • analysis of the use made of the Website by Our visitors;
  • adaptation of Our contents (in particular the time zone of the displayed time, the preferred currency for the payments and the means of payment authorized per country);
  • sending e-mail messages (including confirmation of creation or modification of Your Account and for the password forgotten procedure);
  • prevention and detection of irregular behavior, combating fraud;
  • the monitoring of the respect of the rules of use of the Website (cf. Terms of Use).

We will inform You of the optional or obligatory nature of the communication of Your personal data, when requested.

Article No. 3 - Transfer of personal data to third parties

Billy Games may use external service providers that collect on behalf of Our company certain of Your personal data in a secure manner, in order to enable the proper functioning of Our services, including payment processing and fraud prevention.

Article No. 4 - Use of cookies

When You browse the Website, cookies are stored on Your computer, mobile or tablet. For more general information about cookies and how to use them, You can visit

All Our cookies are deposited by Billy Games

We use functionality cookies that are strictly necessary for Us to deliver Our services to You while browsing the Site. This is why We do not voluntarily provide a way to delete them directly from a page of the Site. On the other hand, and it's Your freedom, You can of course disable the use of cookies by selecting the specific settings specific to each browser. Warning, some features of the Site may not work properly, and some areas of the Site will no longer be accessible (We use sessions throughout the Game). Our cookies have a time limit of less than 13 months, with the exception of the cookie "REMEMBERME" which is intended to stay as long as possible. They allow Us to memorize information, so We do not have to ask to You again for each page displayed. This information contains the language (cookie "hl"), Your session ("PHPSESSID" and "REMEMBERME" cookies), the closing of flash messages displayed during Your browsing (cookies starting with "announcement_").

We do not use cookies deposited by third parties

We do not use any cookie that is filed by third parties. We perform Our audience measurements Ourselves and internally, and do not transmit Our files to any third party.

Article No. 5 - Non-personal data

Billy Games reserves the right to collect certain information related to Your computer or mobile device, such as part of Your hardware configuration. We also keep a history of Your connections and Your data exchanges on the Website. All of this information can help Us to resolve bugs, improve the performance of the Website, and monitor compliance with the Website's usage rules (cf. Terms of Use).

Article No. 6 - Written exchanges between Users

The Website offers tools that allow You to interact by writing with other Users, either with a particular User (private messages) or with a defined group of Users (conversations with Your secret Crew). We remind You that all personal information disclosed in this context become public information reusable by all. That's why We urge You to be extremely vigilant if You plan to disclose personal information in these spaces.

Nobody should force You to post sensitive information about You, such as Your political, philosophical, religious, social and racial background, sexual orientation, where You live, Your first and last names, Your state of health ...

If You still choose to publish this type of information, You agree that they are visible to other Users. One principle to remember on the Internet: never give information that You do not want to make public.

You have the possibility to report the contributions of other Users: on the page of presentation of a Pirate (to report a name of Pirate), on the page of presentation of a secret Crew (to report a Crew name or a Crew presentation), on each of Your private messages and on each Crew message (to signal a message), and finally on each cover letter sent to Your secret Crew. We will give the best to process Your reports as soon as possible. Any abuse will be punished.

Article No. 7 - Security

Your personal data (session tokens, login credentials, bank details and personal information) exchanged with Your web browser are secured by the HTTPS protocol, which includes the SSL system. The SSL system makes it impossible to spy on or modify information exchanged, and allows You to make sure that it is with the Website edited by Billy Games that Your browser communicates.

If You have secured Your Account, You have a password. This password is encrypted according to a high security algorithm. This is why You will have to reset Your password if You were to lose it. Indeed, We are not able to recover it because it is encrypted in Our databases.

For Members with a secure Account, We advise You to use a unique password and change it regularly, to prevent an attacker from accessing Your Account.

If You have a secure Account and You make purchases on the Website, Your bank details are collected by Our payment providers, the companies Stripe or Paypal, depending on Your choice, using a PCI Level 1 encryption algorithm (highest level of certification). This certification secures Your transactions and ensures the confidentiality and integrity of Your banking data.

Billy Games does not maintain any bank details.

We reserve the right to initiate proceedings against anyone who attempts to access confidential data that does not concern them.

Finally, in accordance with French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, as soon as a court decision would require Us, We may be asked to provide targeted specific personal data to the judicial, police or administrative authorities.

Article No. 8 - External websites

The Website may provide links to external websites. Billy Games makes no warranties or statements regarding these external websites. It is important for You to know that the owners and operators of these external websites may collect, use or transfer personal data under terms and conditions that are different from those of Billy Games. By connecting to an external website, You must inform Yourself about the privacy and security measures of these external websites.

Billy Games can not be held responsible if the content of these external websites violates the legal and regulatory provisions in force as well as this Privacy Policy.

Article No. 9 - Your rights of access, rectification and opposition

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, You have at any time a right of access to information about You, a right to have it rectified, deleted or supplemented if it is inaccurate or incomplete, of a right to object to their transmission to third parties, of a right to oppose to You without charge that they be used to send You commercial solicitations and, more generally, of a right to oppose You to any form of treatment as defined by that law.

If You have chosen to secure Your Account, We allow You free access, online, to all personal information about You and the ability to correct or complete by Yourself all Your personal data (with the exception of Your IP address history kept for up to one year), mandatory or not, and delete Your non-mandatory personal data on Our Website. To do this, go to the page of modification of Your personal data:

If You wish to close Your Account on the Website, or if You wish to delete Your data that is mandatory on Our Webite (time zone, one-year IP address history, and for secure Accounts username, e-mail address, password, ), without replacing them with other valid data, then You will have to expressly request the closure of Your Account by mail (cf. Terms of Use).

If You have secured Your Account but can not use the modification page of Your personal data, You have two privileged means to exercise Your rights of access, rectification and deletion of Your personal data: e-mail and mail.

If You have not already done so, You must first secure Your Account on the page, then send Us Your request by e-mail by e-mail to, only by using the e-mail address attached to Your Account, and by attaching a signed copy of Your identity card.

You can also send Us Your request by mail, containing the mention of the email address attached to Your secure Account and a signed copy of Your ID, all addressed to:

Billy Games - Service Clients
Mansarde Rancée Nord
97240 Le François

We will reply to You electronically to the e-mail address You provided Us. That's why it's important that You provide Us with a valid e-mail address that matches Your secure Account on the Website.

Your request will be processed as soon as possible, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

Billy Games does not store any personal data in the event You request the closure of Your Account.

Article No. 10 - Update

We reserve the right, at any time, to modify this Privacy Policy. Each update will be served on Your Account and will require Your express acceptance (cf. Terms of Use).

Article No. 11 - Enquiries and complaints

If You have any questions or complaints about Our Privacy Policy, You can contact Us by the following means:

  • by email to: ;

  • by post to the following address:

    Billy Games - Service Clients
    Mansarde Rancée Nord
    97240 Le François