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Concerning intellectual property, our policy is as follow:

We retain copyright protection for all the site and its content by default, and we tend to apply public copyright licenses more and more, such as Creative Commons, on a case-by-case basis. We are more interesting in sharing our own work as we use shared contents and public resources everyday. Beside that, we also use commercial licenses for specific purposes, and may use third-party content licensed to us by copyright holders.

We take care to respect copyright, neighboring rights and public licenses. If you think we have not respected your rights, please contact Us at

Here you will find the conditions under which we publish, distribute, protect and share the various components of Quest Islands.

Textual Contents

All of our textual content visible on, except (a) the computer code, (b) our private communications with Users on the website and by e-mail, (c) and the Users contributions, is distributed under a license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Billy Games.

Limitations : COMPUTER CODE, OUR PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS WITH USERS AND USERS CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT INCLUDED TO THIS CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE, COPYRIGHTS APPLY TO THEM. Users contributions are property of their respective authors. That's why Private messages, Conversations within secret Crews, Candidacies to secret Crews, Presentations of secret Crews, and also Names of Pirates and secret Crews ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS CREATIVE COMMON LICENSE.

Anyone can reuse our textual content in a non commercial purpose, within the limitations exposed above, whith attribution to Quest Islands (Billy Games) and a link to the short version of the licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. You'll also have to mention if modifications were made to the original material.

The images of Enigmas

All images of Enigmas are Copyrighted by Billy Games. All Rights Reserved.

Miscellaneous Contents